Saturday, September 24, 2011

You have to stop this.

i love the secret series!! yay!!!!
i can't believe another one came out and i didnt know about it till now!
( thanks Kingsly! ;D)
Majorly excited!
Oh yes.
K welll this post is very short, ( sorry guys ) but i have to go.
i'll post again later or something! haha
but actually while you at it this im friend kyle! we were neighbors for 5 YEARS.
hahaha he's da bomb.
don't hate!
ok ok so here he is!

Ok so this video is my favorite!
kyle is soooo funny!
Ok sorry but yeah he's pretty legit! hahaha
k so yeah now i really have to go so bye!
<3 GwyMaLaur

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  1. Yeah, they're pretty nice. and since I'm a speed reader, I NEED long-ish books. I stayed up until like, 2 AM reading it. I can't start a book at night and leave it. it haunts me o.O haha.